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she turns around again...

she turns around again...

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haha it's been 63 weeks since my last entry.
& i'm doing this for denise *ahem*

what's new with me..
i'm back with daniel. yes, my highschool sweetie.
he's in the marines & has been in cali for 6 months, he comes home next saturday *WOO* for 2 wks before going to iraq. :'(

elah needed ear surgery, i need another eye surgery, & jelly got a bulldog for her birthday (dozer) who looks exactly like elah. but he's got a cuter personality.

what else?
oh i'm done with hockey :'( aka my life is over.
i went to see denise yesterday, her & amber are nutjobs, seriously.
& i met nemo! & nigger nemo..but he scared me.
soo that's about it.

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