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so. i got into BROCKPORT!!
but i was really wishing i wouldn't..so i wouldn't have to make a decision.

now i don't know what to do.
go to brockport
or buff state.

i haven't heard back from buff state yet but i'm guessing i'll get in.
if not that'd be fantastic.
but i probly will.

if i go to brockport
-i can't play hockey
-i'm gonna be so far away from my family
-i won't have my bestfriend (denise) close anymore.
-i can get closer to my friends in rochester
-& i'll get the chance to live on my own & make all new friends & what not. :\

if i go to buff state
-i will be near everyone & have the same friends.
-be able to play hockey
-basically live how i am livin now

:'( idk what to do.
  • well if you go to buff state, i'll be there and we can get closer.

    and if you do decide to go there, one of my really nice friends is looking for a roommate so yeah.

    but i am happy for you!!! <3
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