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Skipped Back 10

August 5th, 2005

so i never got to see cassie & kelsi..which kinda blew cause i'd been looking forward to it the whole week, but.. shit happens :(

but anyway, me&denise went to Circuit City to get rechargable batteries for my camera..which take FOREVER to charge btw. & i bought the Thrice, Relient K, & Dane Cook cds.
& i am now in love with thrice.

then today i went to the mall & movies w/ an adorable boy.
& had a lot of fun.
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August 3rd, 2005

today after work i picked up denise..& we printed some pictures off my camera @ CVS, & go figure, ashley works there! so after that, we went to the boys house on babcock & dropped of the pictures..& then came home & came swimming..BUT FIRST! me & denise argued about her getting her hair wet in the pool "CAN'T YOU JUST AGREE TO DISAGREE?!" nope i can't, sorry babe. runs in the family ;) :(
& then ashley came over for a little bit & came in before going to the mall.

oh ya & she threw a ring @ my head & i now have a goose bump. no joke.

pool fun/torture :PCollapse )

July 4th, 2005

(no subject)

so i never ended up going to my uncles, therefor i never got to see kelly, & i was looking forward to it since the inferis show :( but i'm hoping i will see her on the 23rd? i think, for the picnic :)

denise julia kelly; when are we going to have that slumber party?

i really feel like crap today, i'm cramping, sweating, and being very moody. i hate it.

last night me & denise rented but i'm a cheerleader & herold & kumar go to white castle(i think was the name). they were both really good & funny. & i actually stayed up for both of them (i usually fall asleep watching grind w/ denise). hehe :D

thursday i have to go to my placement exam @ ECC.
& i just talked to jeff & apparently i missed orientation. he signed up for classes, i haven't.
& i was supposed to hand in my health report already. great.
my parents will kill me if i don't get in in the fall. wonderful. :(

June 16th, 2005

(no subject)

i think for the first time in my life i am about to cry because i'm so happy. & extremely tired.
my family is one of the most messed up ones i know.
& i love them all.
i don't know of any other family that can be as messed up yet there for each other more than mine.
idk how many other people can say they can count on their family for everything&anything. but i can.

sorry, i just had a talk with my mom & now i'm extremely emotional.
i have swimmers ear. how much does that suckkkkkkk.

saturday. rochester. it's on.
my mom basically told me i can do whatever i want, when i asked her if we could go.
i giggled.

i worked 3 days this week & made $113. & i have off fri-monday. could it get any better?

okay this seriously creepy, i JUST put on channel 43 & they're talking about livejournal & myspace. & how ppl put their personal lives on there & anyone can find them & it's not good. woww that's nuts.
now i think i'm going to make my stuff friends only. just cause that was really weird. a sign maybe? :P

June 13th, 2005

whooptie doo

i got a job!!
i start tomorrow. i'm going to be working 9-2. idk what days yet. proably 4 or 5 days a week, only monday thru friday, no wkends.
oh& i'm making 7.50 for the first 2 wks. then 8 after that if i'm on time everyday.

are you excited? cause i sure the hell am.
-julia duane & ryan came over on sunday. which was a wonderful surprise :)
-today was our last day of schoole ever. it was pretty pointless tho, sat around every class.
-then jeff came over afterwards but we couldn't go out cause i was watching my sister, so he just stayed over for a while.

-this wkend we're supposed to be going up to rochester. idk if that's still going to happen. i'm going to need money for gas.
**i miss denise terribly. dee, get a season pass, we can go up to DL sunday? & you can come up to roch w/ us on sat if you want; if we end up going. :)

June 11th, 2005


so it's extremely hott outside & i've been swimmin since i woke up.
all my exams are over, monday is basically a blowoff day.
omg it took forever, yet went by so fast...agh

i got this from stef, & i didn't really get hers but i had to paste mine because it is just too damn funny. & fits me quite well i think...
Read more...Collapse )

oh & julia might be coming over in about an hr :D weeeee
i love summer ♥

June 4th, 2005

(no subject)

omg this wkend has been gorgeousssss
except i think it's supposed to rain a lot this wk..or something?
o well..

friday i went to darien lake with the crew
denise had prom
there was no one there..the ride lines were basically empty *woop!*

saturday i thought i was gonna have to drive up to DL by myself..cause i couldn't get ahold of trisha & no one knew where she was..but @ the very last minute she called & i had to pick her up from some guys house.

the new tornado water ride is really fun. the line was long tho..i can't imagine what it will be like in the middle of summer.

i got candy apple all over my new wife beater tank.

i showed off my sweetass billabong pink swim trunks.

i look like a complete fag in my season pass picture.

we're going up to rochester on the 18th.

this is our last wk of school.

my pool is fun.

i'm going to the mall tomorrow to see if i can get/hand in any applications.

julia i might be able to go tomorrow if i get my project done as soon as i get home for 20th century. i'll call you :)

May 31st, 2005

(no subject)

sometimes i wish i was a mermaid. i would live in water if i could. it's amazing.
sunday i spent the whole day swimming in my aunt bonnie's pool. it was warmer than the air, but not too warm. & it was amazing. i was swimming until like 9. & when i wasn't swimming i was playing knock-out with all the boys, & everytime i got out i just jumped back in. agh i wish i had their house/property.
-inground heated pool
-basketball court
-3 quads
-ice rink in the winter

anyways. (ya stef i said anyWAY!!). i got $100 back from taxes, & obviously as soon as it was cashed i went shopping. i got to see trisha, & then spent some time with denise *woop*

& i'm turning into a boy.
because i bought these. & i'm in love.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

oh & because of davo, my myspace is freaking gorgeous.
right side :D

oh &&& DL is this wkend. SCORE!
everyone that's going to prom, have funnn.
i'll be on the superman weeee ♥

May 25th, 2005

let's fly away

it feels like i haven't updated in forever. hmm..

i was gonna see if i could go up to rochester this wkend, but i doubt it'll happen anytime soon. i need money for a season pass this wkend already, & then next wkend i gotta buy a year book @ the senior picnic thing. that's like $110 right there..ugh. can you say kim's gotta beg? haha

i think denise is going to her dad's this wkend..so i think i gotta go through the 3day wkend without her :( sat i guess i'm goin to tash's for a hockey party woowoo!

last wkend was so fun. other than the fact that i walked in @ 4am & my rents both woke up. *oops!*
we basically kidnapped denise at midnight & came back & watched xmen 2. wooowoo.

sat night i went back there, w/o denise :( but it was still fun. starsky & hutch is so cute. lolll

ps; there's only like 2 wks left highschool. everrrrrrrr. YAY!

May 19th, 2005

so last night my mom let me go out to see star wars @ midnight.
i left @ 9, mike & gino came & got me, & i kicked mike's ass in the sonic games he had.

it came time for the movie & i started to get a headache but i just figured it was cause i was tired.
there were 4 black kids sitting infront of us in the theater.
i am now in love with darth vador.
by the time we got outta the movie my head was basically pounding.
i got home @ 330am. & the next thing i knew my dad was waking me up @ 9 asking why i wasn't in school.
apparently my alarm clock never went off? i have no clue. but i stayed home. slept till 230. & i've had a migraine since last night. oh & i haven't eaten either. i think i'm getting sick. cause i always eat.

i think i might like mike..idk tho. like i'm kinda attracted to em, & feel really comfortable around em yet get the weird feeling like i'm nervous or something?
lol so that answers your question denise. shhhh.

& apparently stef didn't go to school either, hope you feel better hun!

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